Lego Deadpool on a Rocket Ride

Lego Deadpool on a Rocket Ride

Some folks may know about the Lego Ideas mini contest called Moments in Space. My entry is a fun Coin Operated Rocket Ride. A commenter shared a gif of Deadpool Riding in a rocket…so I quickly made this Lego version with my little Rocket Ride prototype.

Here’s the original Gif:

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Lego Moments in Space Contest – Top Contenders

Lego Moments in Space Contest – Top Contenders

Lego has started a small contest using their Ideas platform that takes the daunting task of getting 10000 votes in 2 years down to just being in the top 25 for votes in 10 days.  The theme for this first contest is Moments in Space and voting is from Feb 9 to 19, 2018.

At the time of this post, there is only 1 day left to submit and 804 submissions.  These submissions are limited to a relatively generic Space theme.  No NASA, no specific real world items, no custom colors or parts, and size is limited.  This means there are a lot of similar projects and they can be grouped into just a few categories.

So which entries look like they might have the best chance at getting into the top 25?  With more than 800 entries already, competition is likely pretty stiff.  Each submitter is likely to do some campaigning which could tip the scales.  But having looked at every entry so far, these look to have the highest chances.  (Images are linked to their project pages).

The Top Contenders (Grouped by my general categories).

Dynamic Models:- These contenders each have moving functions that go beyond just posing.  In this category, my top picks include the colorful Coin Operated Rocket Ride, that will rock and rise as a crank is turned.  And the dynamic model of the earth revolving around the sun that will cause the Earth to pivot as it orbits the sun.  I personally like Lego models that do something, so I’m hoping for these two to make it through to the next round.

Space Ships:- You’ll see a common theme with red and/or light blue accents in all of these.  Retro is big in this competition.  These vary in size and some have hidden functions and compartments.  The cartoonish look to most of them is a great use for Legos.

Figures and Mechs: There were a large assortment of figures and mechs entered.  These contenders are all made with virtual bricks so they have a lot of polish but some parts are shown in colors not yet released in production Lego sets.  That may hurt there chances in the Lego review, but will not hold them back in the popular vote.  The spaceman has been resubmitted with only known color parts and is receiving universal praise.  I think the Retro Brickheads will have the most appeal of the Brickhead submitted ideas since M-Tron and Blacktron are beloved vintage Lego themes.  The bee seems a bit shoehorned into this competition but the designer did it adeptly.

Scenes and Settings:  The Scenes submissions ranged all over the place.  Many took place on alien planets but these 4 hold the most promise to me.  The first is two scenes back to back with a boy pretending on Earth and later in space.  The asteroid mine opens up and in general has some nice scenery.  The Sun surfer is toasty and slick looking, but since it was submitted as a 3D rendering, I do have to wonder if it will look half that good in real Legos.  The First boy on the moon set has a delightful lunar lander shaped fort which makes the pretend aspect pretty visceral.

The other general categories of submissions had plenty of good ideas, but I didn’t gravitate to them so I’m not confident they will move forward in the competition.  Those categories are:

  • Space Stations and Bases
  • Logos (The Lego space logo has been popular)
  • Rovers
  • Observatories
  • Micro Builds

Did I miss one your favorites? I’ve only selected 14 projects here, and 25 are said to go to Lego review so plenty of other projects have a real chance here.  Feel free to comment with the link and your shout out to the projects you think are contenders.

Disclosure of My biases:

  1. I’ve entered into this contest and foolishly think I have a chance…but I’m still rooting for my competition to make it into the top 25.
  2. I am against virtual bricks.  I don’t trust that the designer made the model structurally sound if they don’t show a prototype in real bricks.   I also think it is unfair that they can make their model look better with 3D renderings than it would look in real life.  For example, its common practice to use virtual glass rather than virtual plastic when rendering models, and of course they can use advance lighting options.  Finally, 3D brick submissions often include parts in colors that have not ever been released by Lego, or are very rare.
  3. I’m not fond of microbuilds because I don’t think they have any play value.
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Lego Collectible Minifigure Series 18 Revealed

Lego Collectible Minifigure Series 18 Revealed

This looks like it is going to be one of the funnest Series in the CMF line.  Series 18 features a costume party theme which is logically designed to come out along side Lego’s 60th anniversary – Party for everyone!  The majority of the figs are coming with unique costumes on.  The best part here is, there are a lot new molds, new parts, and new accessories.  Lets dive in!

The Brick Costumes:  My first hope here is that the studs on the front are genuine dimensions allowing us to use this figure as a building platform.  The opportunities are pretty vast if you can add little pieces to your character.  The rendering makes it hard to tell if this is a costume or a new torso piece: we’ll have to wait and see.  Either way, these are must haves.

Slide On Costumes:  These are completely new molds.  The cactus looks to have new arm pieces and no hands.  This new arm piece will be interesting to see if Lego can find a second use for  The firework is not the most original since we already had a Rocket costume.  I wonder how many people will paint the rocket to be a little tower for micro builds and such.  I hope the bottom can snap onto studs.

Shoulder and Waste mounted Costumes: This is a new idea for Lego CMF.  These are costumes that feature large waste or shoulder mounted components.  I’m obviously thrilled with them all.  I’d like to see the Flower pot paired off with the Venus Fly trap Costume from the Monsters CMF series.  The cake is a Delight and I’m sure the guy is going to be getting replaced by Women popping out of the cake everywhere.

Head Gear Centric Costumes:  The Largest group in the bunch.  The Unicorn Knight is pretty much just a blue version of the Unicorn we had in the past.  The Dragon is top notch and going to be a fan favorite.  This dragon is going to be terrorizing countless castles in the near future.  The Elephant and Spider are Definitely fun.  I get the feeling the Spider legs are attached with a neck mount which may make them more useful for other builds.  The cat…pretty much looks like a furry to me.

Pretty much not a costume and just a party goer:  Well, I’m going to be squeezing bags to avoid at least two of these.  But first, the keepers.  The clowns animal balloons are must haves.  I bet these show up in future Lego sets.  The Orange balloon kid has little single stud tiles that have prints of the first CMF series 1 which are nice.  The Cop and Purple balloon are where I’ll try to save money by skipping round 1.  I understand the cop is holding a tile that portrays a vintage Lego set that originally included this figure (Anniversary Celebration and all), but I have lots of him already.


So, series 18 has 17 figures as of now…sort of odd.  Also new is the Orange baseplate that they stand on…  The Batman Series 2 was the fist to deviate from the solid black plate.  Perhaps this orange plate means we’ll be getting different colors with each future series.

Either way, 15 maybe all 17 are must haves which is going to bring in the dumptrucks of coin for Lego and we’ll all hand over our money gladly.

Can’t wait to find them in stores!

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How to build a Lego Rolling BB-8

How to build a Lego Rolling BB-8

A while back my friend James “Artbot132” Garrett, and I entered into the Lego Ideas competition with a Rolling BB-8 model that could roll while keeping its head up on top. It quickly reached the needed 10000 Votes to go into Lego Review. Sadly, it was not selected by Lego to become the next production set. During the competition and continuing to this day, I have been getting requests for a tutorial on how to build one. So I finally put the parts list and tutorial together.

A demonstration of the Rolling BB-8: (Just in case you haven’t seen it)

Parts List: You can of course use any color of any of these pieces, but this list reflects the colors that I used for the most part. I had a lot of these parts to start, especially the old ones, but I tend to order used parts off of Bricklink. I have this parts list on Bricklink, but they do not have the “Wishlist” Share function working yet. Once it starts working, I’ll edit this page to include a link to the shared wish list.

(Click to expand this pics)

Video Tutorial: And here is the video that goes through the steps to build our version of the Lego Rolling BB-8! (Actually building starts around 3m10s)

I continue to be thrilled by the interest in this little Lego BB8 project and am sorry it took me this long to Shell out the list and tutorial. If any of you should get a prototype of this working, please send me a pic or comment somewhere.

Enjoy and take care!

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Coin Operated Rocket Ride in Lego

Coin Operated Rocket Ride in Lego

Lego is looking to have the community pitch potential Free with Purchase sets.  They are running the contest on their Lego Ideas Site.  Unlike the Regular Ideas system that requires 10000 votes in under 2 years, these smaller contests have a limited time to enter and only 10 days of Voting (Feb 9-19, 2018).

I’ve submitted this little retro style Coin Operated Rocket Ride.  This is based off of similar looking rides that used to be in front of stores and in malls.  These days, there are not as many out an about but they can still be found.

The Model is pretty simple and uses about 115 pieces.  You can turn the crank in the back to make the Rocket swing up and down and back and forth.  The motion is a little more extreme than the real life rides, but if you want to simulate reality, you can just rock the crank back and forth.

I’ve rigged up the seating area with a normal Minifig Chair, and the Mini-Dolls “Tbar”.  This means both Minifigs with short and bending legs can sit in the ride, along with the Lego Friends style Mini-Dolls.




There is a little slot where you can drop in a Lego coin and retrieve them by simply opening the hinged hatch.


Voting is for a limited time and goes from February 9th to 19th of 2018.

Follow this link to go to the Coin Operated Rocket Rides’s contest page.

There are some pretty good ideas already posted and Lego intends to review the top 25 voted submissions.  They will pick 1 winner and 10 runners up.  After this is all said and done, the only way to get the exclusive set that results from this competition is to wait for them to sprinkle it in as a promotion for making a purchase.

Fingers Crossed!


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Lego Ideas 2017 Group 3 – Predictions and Ramblings

Lego Ideas 2017 Group 3 – Predictions and Ramblings

The 3rd group of 2017 Lego Ideas to hit 10K is up for review.  Lego will take some time to discern if one of these will be a new set.  One thing going on with this set is some repeat builders.  Two of the past Lego Ideas Set designers are once again represented.

Pop-Up Book:  This set was submitted by the same builder as the Lego maze Ideas Set.  I’m not sure if being a repeat builder has any impact on Lego’s decision.  We haven’t seen a repeat submitter win yet, so no one knows yet.  The nice thing with this set, is that it does something and is not just a static model.  It has a clever folding feature and claims you can build variations to theme it how you wish.  Ideally, you could fold up a bunch of pieces in the book and build in the car with your own platform.  I think this one has a higher chance of going through than some of the other submissions.

Three Nautical Sets: All three of these were submitted by the same person and its the same builder that submitted and one with the Old Fishing Store.  These are digital builds which bums me out, but oh well.  Since they already made the old fishing store, and now have 3 more to chose from, the question is which if any would they want to sidle next to the Fishing Store.  Personally, Dive Shop is the least compelling.  The Lighthouse is the most universal, and the Diner with Boat segment is the most interesting.  One of the biggest factors here is how well did the Fishing store do in sales.  These are pretty, but will once again be expensive.  How many people will be putting their money where their vote is?  I’d guess non of these will be selected, but the lighthouse is the most desirable.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race Set: This is a TV show set and those have not been doing well in Ideas lately.  It is fun that the set features a diverse cast but I think Lego is unlikely to put this set through.  Lego does not like to get involved in remotely complicated subjects and Drag could be seen by some as a bit touchy.

The Christmas Story House: This looks like a pretty basic house from the outside but is quite nice designed.  I like the interior details and attempt at making the leg lamp and Fragile box.  Where doing the Nautical shops would be a bit of a repeat, this would be a completely new entry to the Lego Catalog.  Continue reading →

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Lego Ideas 2017 Group 2 – All ideas Rejected

Lego Ideas 2017 Group 2 – All ideas Rejected

Sad news for those 6 people waiting to see if their 10000 vote achieving Lego Ideas projects were going to be selected by Lego to become a retail set.  Unfortunately, all 6 ideas were rejected.

Lego keeps their reasoning a mystery but repeated some points in their announcement which may give some insight.

  • The Gilmore Girl’s diner looked cool but perhaps they could not get the branding rights….not exactly a lot of merch out there for Gilmore Girls.  When I see TV show sets, I can’t help but think the designer is hoping the Big Bang Theory set’s success will be universal.  Big Bang was on air and enormously popular at the time of the submission.  Gilmore girls conked out in 2007, so it probably doesn’t have as much “Mind Share” as current TV shows.
  • The Wonders of Peru is an intricate display board.  I can’t image there is a large market of people on a world-wide scale willing to dole out more than a hundred bucks for a PERU specific display.  I’m sure the good people of Peru are on board.  There is also a chance this project was not structurally sound.  The submission was a 3D rendering, so its hard to say if real Legos could hold up at that enormous box’s scale.  If they made smaller displays, for a dozen countries, then I could see myself and my collector spirit getting on board.
  • NF-15B Research Aircraft is a neat model, but dang, it was 3 feet long and 5000 parts.  That would be an estimated 500$ Lego set.  People voted for it, but that doesn’t mean they would be willing to buy it.
  • I am your father is a nice representation of the apex moment of the series.  I think Lego may have not selected this because the Ideas team has vowed that they will only allow submissions of themes that they have not selected yet.  This means, if they chose this Star Wars themed proposal, they would have to stop accepting future Star Wars ideas…and they have to decide if this is the set to end it all.  Next, if they do a set like Cloud City, which is possibly in the works, this sort of scene, in a smaller scale, is likely included.  If that’s the case, they won’t select an idea that would compete with their own set.

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Lego Microfighters Series 5 Overview

Lego Microfighters Series 5 Overview

The 5th series of one of my favorite Lego product lines has been out since the start of the year. Its already been long enough for prices to start dropping at Amazon by 20% here and there. These days it only takes a short amount of patience to get most lego sets for about 20% off so it is frequently a worth while wait. And the Microfighters are definitely on my must have list.

This series unlike some previous ones finally includes some actually named characters from the movies. This is notable because many of the microfighters come with a generic pilot, even though their ship is associated to several characters in the movies.

Series 5 also introduces some twin packs where two ships for the twice the price are included…a gimicky side build is included out of seemingly spare parts.

Top of the list is the A wing vs Tie Silencer:

Lots of good stuff happening here:

  • We finally get an A Wing
  • Kylo Ren himself is included
  • Kylo comes with his Light Saber

The ships are reasonable representations although it looks like the “missle” holders on Kylo’s ship are just cluged onto the bottom. We’ve seen that before in previous microfighters. The tilted rear section of the A Wing looks quite ideal.

Series 5 also comes with its first Re-Hash: The Millennium Falcon returns this time with Chewbacca as opposed to Series 1 which came with Han Solo.

Series 5

Series 1

The other changes include switching from flick shooters to stud shooters, the radar dish goes to 1×2 jumper, the printing on the cockpit went from black to gray, the center tilted section has been altered a smidge, and some other little parts are recolored. It is a near clone which in some regards is great because the original Series 1 10$ sells for up to $40 these days. You can buy this new version, change the dish, and have an original trilogy ship.

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The must have Lego Handheld Arcade

Here is a nifty idea for a rebuildable handheld game pad up on Lego Ideas.  It is set up where the basic pad has hand grips and triggers for pinball style gameplay.  The set proposes 5 initial game modes and encourages the player to come up with new game ideas from their imagination.  The youtube video explains the features best:

The first 5 games already developed are: Skee Ball, Baseball, Space Pinball, Target Practice, and Soccer.

Lego Handheld Arcade Games Lego Handheld Arcade Games 2

Here is a photo showing two units linked together to make two player options available.  And the project proposes that it would come with an exclusive Green/Blue Jester, and introduce a Globe printed in natural Earth colors as apposed to the old map colors featured in previous sets.

Lego Handheld Arcade 2 player Lego Handheld Arcade figures

The idea is slowly gaining support over on Lego ideas and could certainly use some more.  So head over to the ideas site to hit the support button.

What other game modes can you think of for this Handheld Arcade? – Go ahead and post them in the comments.

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Lego Batman Movie Minifigure Series 17

The Lego Batman Movie Minifigure Series has been announced, which brings with it a mix bag of characters and reactions.  With so many bat figures, it has the look of a lot of re-colors…but Lego does manage to get a lot of unique variations of the famed Bat and brings along some goofballs to round things out.

First off, Lego has opted to nudge their character count from the usual 16, passing by the 18 we saw in the Disney series, and launched all the way to 20 Minifigures to collect the complete set.  What does this mean?  More variety, more options, more money.  To get the full set a fan will have to invoke the spirits of 20 x $4.00 = $80.  So many of us will have to pick and chose to stay on their desired side of the poverty line.

My Top Tier Figures: Chosen based on uniqueness above all, as well as for introducing new Lego Elements:

bat003 Vacation Batman Legobat005lobsterbat004fairybat017eraserbat013orca

  • Vacation Batman – Top of the line with a super unique duck floaty and goggles for his bat mask.  His swim suit looks concerning though.
  • Lobster Loving Batman – At this point its a matter of pattern recognition.  This single figure has received the most air time of all in the commercial and trailer campaign for this movie.  The Robe and Lobster are also quite usable for custom figure building.
  • Fairy Batman – Going with uniqueness here…makes it more fun and whimsical than most some of the other bat variants.
  • Eraser – Of the oddballs in this group, Eraser is a charmer.  I’d keep him in my pencil box at school if I was still that age.  The pointed pencil tip graphics on his toes is a nice touch, and the eraser head looks like a new piece that is likely to start showing up as detail work on future models.
  • Orca – Costume animals figures always do well.  This one is not so much costume since their is no face but rather the minifig head resembles the inside of an open mouth.
What are your top 5?

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