Lego Microfighters Series 4 Overview

Lego Microfighters Series 4 Overview

The 4th series of one of my favorite Lego product lines has been out since the start of the year.  Its already been long enough for prices to start dropping at Amazon by 20% here and there.  These days it only takes a short amount of patience to get most lego sets for about 20% off so it is frequently a worth while wait.  And the Microfighters are definitely on my must have list.

This series unlike some previous ones finally includes some actually named characters from the movies.  This is notable because many of the microfighters come with a generic pilot, even though their ship is associated to several characters in the movies.

Series 4 also introduces some twin packs where two ships for the twice the price are included…a gimicky side build is included out of seemingly spare parts.

Top of the list is the A wing vs Tie Silencer:

Lots of good stuff happening here:

  • We finally get an A Wing
  • Kylo Ren himself is included
  • Kylo comes with his Light Saber

The ships are reasonable representations although it looks like the “missle” holders on Kylo’s ship are just cluged onto the bottom.  We’ve seen that before in previous microfighters.  The tilted rear section of the A Wing looks quite ideal.

Series 4 also comes with its first Re-Hash: The Millennium Falcon returns this time with Chewbacca as opposed to Series 1 which came with Han Solo. 

The other changes include switching from flick shooters to stud shooters, the radar dish goes to 1×2 jumper, the printing on the cockpit went from black to gray, the center tilted section has been altered a smidge, and some other little parts are recolored.  It is a near clone which in some regards is great because the original Series 1 10$ sells for up to $40 these days.  You can buy this new version, change the dish, and have an original trilogy ship.

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The must have Lego Handheld Arcade

Here is a nifty idea for a rebuildable handheld game pad up on Lego Ideas.  It is set up where the basic pad has hand grips and triggers for pinball style gameplay.  The set proposes 5 initial game modes and encourages the player to come up with new game ideas from their imagination.  The youtube video explains the features best:

The first 5 games already developed are: Skee Ball, Baseball, Space Pinball, Target Practice, and Soccer.

Lego Handheld Arcade Games Lego Handheld Arcade Games 2

Here is a photo showing two units linked together to make two player options available.  And the project proposes that it would come with an exclusive Green/Blue Jester, and introduce a Globe printed in natural Earth colors as apposed to the old map colors featured in previous sets.

Lego Handheld Arcade 2 player Lego Handheld Arcade figures

The idea is slowly gaining support over on Lego ideas and could certainly use some more.  So head over to the ideas site to hit the support button.

What other game modes can you think of for this Handheld Arcade? – Go ahead and post them in the comments.

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Lego Batman Movie Minifigure Series 17

The Lego Batman Movie Minifigure Series has been announced, which brings with it a mix bag of characters and reactions.  With so many bat figures, it has the look of a lot of re-colors…but Lego does manage to get a lot of unique variations of the famed Bat and brings along some goofballs to round things out.

First off, Lego has opted to nudge their character count from the usual 16, passing by the 18 we saw in the Disney series, and launched all the way to 20 Minifigures to collect the complete set.  What does this mean?  More variety, more options, more money.  To get the full set a fan will have to invoke the spirits of 20 x $4.00 = $80.  So many of us will have to pick and chose to stay on their desired side of the poverty line.

My Top Tier Figures: Chosen based on uniqueness above all, as well as for introducing new Lego Elements:

bat003 Vacation Batman Legobat005lobsterbat004fairybat017eraserbat013orca

  • Vacation Batman – Top of the line with a super unique duck floaty and goggles for his bat mask.  His swim suit looks concerning though.
  • Lobster Loving Batman – At this point its a matter of pattern recognition.  This single figure has received the most air time of all in the commercial and trailer campaign for this movie.  The Robe and Lobster are also quite usable for custom figure building.
  • Fairy Batman – Going with uniqueness here…makes it more fun and whimsical than most some of the other bat variants.
  • Eraser – Of the oddballs in this group, Eraser is a charmer.  I’d keep him in my pencil box at school if I was still that age.  The pointed pencil tip graphics on his toes is a nice touch, and the eraser head looks like a new piece that is likely to start showing up as detail work on future models.
  • Orca – Costume animals figures always do well.  This one is not so much costume since their is no face but rather the minifig head resembles the inside of an open mouth.
What are your top 5?

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What Lego Microfighters do you want to see next?

What Lego Microfighters do you want to see next?

The Lego Microfighters Star Wars series 1 through 3 are amongst my favorite Lego sets.  They are compact (almost pocket friendly), they draw close resemblance to the craft they are emulating, and they are a great way to get a Star Wars craft even if you can’t buy the larger models.

There are so many great Ships already made in the first few Series including the Millenium Falcon, 2 Types of X-Wings, and 2 of the Variants of the Tie Fighter.  Plenty of other ships have not yet been represented, even important iconic ships like Slave 1 or the Imperial Shuttle.

What Star Wars ships would you hope will be made in the next series???  (The Survey images feature various Fan creations of Micro Fighter style ships)

Other ships to consider for the future are: Gungan Sub, ETA-2 Jedi Starfighter, B-Wing, Sail Barge, Speeder Bike, Rey’s Speeder, and Vader’s Tie.  There are of course hundreds of other ships that have appeared in the 7 current movies, and with Rogue 1 and future “Story” movies coming, I’m sure Lego will want to feature some new movie ships in subsequent microfighter series.

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Lego Ideas – Speculations on why the Old Fishing Store Won

Lego Ideas – Speculations on why the Old Fishing Store Won

In this particular Lego Ideas review we have 9 projects that ranged from prehistoric to a galaxy far far away.  Today Lego announced the winner on their Ideas Blog.  The lucky winner is: The Old Fishing Store!

The poll results we hosted a while back with 435 votes predicted the winner to be the Fossil Museum with Johnny 5 in second place…so we as a whole were wrong.

Lego Ideas 2016 Results

Lego posted their announcement on their blog.  As usual, they do not give specifics about why a contender was knocked out, or what brought them to their conclusion, but I will dare to speculate why the Fishing store beat out the other options.  First, it may be a process of elimination; so why might the other contenders have been knocked out:

  • Fossil Museum – Possibly because they already did an ideas set with a dinosaur bones component.
  • Gingerbread House – Its big and they have a gingerbread house set already.
  • BB-8 – If the magnets (swallowing hazard) didn’t kill this, the likelihood that Lego was producing their own BB-8 set did.  This set by the way, was my submission, may it rest in “piece”.
  • Jedi Council – Large and goes against Lego’s money making tactic of doleing out the good figs over multiple sets.
  • Jurassic Park Visitor Center – Its big, so many of the people that voted for it, are unlikely to buy it.
  • Train Station – Same as the JP center, except this one can at least link to the current modular city sets.
  • Particle Accelerator – I’m guessing that even though it had a cool video, not a lot of people will storm the stores to buy this.
  • Johnny 5 – This guy looks great, they must have decided that this movie wasn’t popular enough to bring on a lot of sales.  It couldn’t have been a licensing thing since the owners of it were probably aching to get some more revenue.

Its highly likely that not all of the contenders were knocked out at first leaving just the fishing store, so what made it rise up against the others?

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The Lego Xenomorph Minifigure you can Make Yourself

The Lego Xenomorph Minifigure you can Make Yourself

An official Lego Xenomorph from the Alien movie franchise is never going to happen based purely on Lego’s content rules alone.  Because of this, you’ll find numerous attempts by Lego and Aliens fans to create custom Lego minifigs of the iconic alien creature.  Perhaps fueled by the intrigue of this taboo crossover, I myself became quite interested in possessing a convincing Xenomorph minifig.  With few choices available for purchase I ended up come up with a solution of my own (its likely others have thought of this too, just didn’t find them in searches) and will detail my steps here:

lego alien xenomorph Minifig


  • PROS: The main benefits of this option are: Price (its affordable), easy (anyone can do this / you don’t have to be an accomplished sculptor), pretty dang good looking (sure, there is a slight issue with scale).
  • CONS: It uses non-Lego parts (but no sculpting of clay at least), your result can become more non-Lego than Lego if you use the chest piece.


  • 1 Black Minifigure Torso and black Legs.  The hand color does not matter.
  • 1 Minimates Xenomorph Figure – I found mine at Toys R Us for $7.50, so much cheaper than online.  They had a bunch of styles and even a few colors.  I picked out the one with the extended inner mouth.

The HOW TO (Easy):

  1. Start with your parts, you’ve got your Lego minifigure body…mine here is all black because I don’t have any that look alien in nature.  You also have your Mini Mates Xenomorph that does, yes it does tower over the minifig.
    lego xenomorph parts
  2. Remove the hands from both figures, and pop the head off the Xenomorph.  It is a ball jointed head.  You can also remove the chest and “tube” section of the Xenomorph if you want to test that out too (it also will fit).
    lego xenomorph Parts
  3. Push the Xenomorphs hand pegs into the Legos hands.  At first they seem like they won’t fig, but the MiniMate is made out a rubbery plastic and they will conform.  Then, you can either push the head onto the Lego’s neck peg (also at first will seem like a tight fit, but it will go), or you can put the chest piece on and have the Xeno head stay with its original chest.
    lego xenomorph minifigurelego xenomorph chest plate 2
    Note: If you put the head onto the Lego next peg, it will stretch out the Xenomorph’s head’s neck socket and make it fit more loosely onto the original MiniMate’s body.
  4. Just to show the size comparison to a regular figure.  You can see the new Lego Minifig Xenomorph is not perfectly to scale by any means, but it does take on the classic look, and has a cartoonish large head that fits relatively well with legos.
    lego xenomorph joker
  5. And that’s it, hope this helps others out there in creating their own Xenomorph minifigs.
  6. Moving forward: I was looking at trying to mount real Lego parts to the figure without the MiniMates chest piece to create the tubes and tale. Getting the right neck bracket that looks good and doesn’t push everything off the body too far has been the road block.  I’ll update if I come up with something.  If anyone out there finds a solution to adding the tail and tubes with real Lego, let me know.

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Lego free Darth Revan and Ultimate Lavaria

Lego free Darth Revan and Ultimate Lavaria

I am not normally fortunate enough to get my hands on free Legos, so I was very much anticipating the Free Darth Revan that was to be provided for any Star Wars Lego purchase online or in Lego stores on September 30th, 2016.  Also at this point in time, Lego is giving out a free Ultimate Lavaria with every $50 purchase.  So if you play your cards right you could get both items free.

EXCEPT: Even by early this morning, Lego online was sold out of the Darth Revan sets.  I called the customer support number and they said the Revans were handed out before the sun came up since they started the promotion at Midnight.  People apparently bought low price Star Wars sets, enjoyed the current free shipping, and nabbed a free Revan.  I called my local Lego store and they said they had quite a few left, so I hopped on down and grabbed mine.  If you live near a Lego store, call yours up and keep your fingers crossed.  It seems there is no minimum purchase to get Revan, but it has to be a Star Wars branded set.  I grabbed the new Advent Calendar, but I hear you can get much cheaper sets, maybe even the Keychains????

darthrevan lavaria

Why is this Darth Revan of interest?

Well, it has only been available in these official giveaways in this little promo polybag.  This means, he is considered rare/collectible.  Once a figure gets that status, the poachers and scalpers come out and you can find their presence notably on Ebay and Bricklink….in other words, he is expensive to buy second hand.  For instance, of US Sellers on bricklink, this figure runs typically at $55 with the occasional lower price entry surfacing here and there.  With this new give out of the figure, he is likely to drop in price, but the Lego scalper community is unlikely to adjust promptly.

On Ebay, you have a second issue to look out for: Chinese replicas.  If you see a Darth Revan on ebay for a low price, read it carefully, there are an abundant of knock off Revan’s on ebay.


Cheapest Darth Revans from US Bricklink Sellers

From the September 30th promotion: (Sold out online)

Revan Lego Deal

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Building a Chair for Lego Emperor Palpatine that Doesn’t hurt his Cape

Building a Chair for Lego Emperor Palpatine that Doesn’t hurt his Cape

I wanted to display my Lego Emperor Palpatine in a mini throne room setting in his iconic chair.  I went to see how Lego designed the chair in their sets but thought it would bend his cape, or require taking him out of his cape.  I ended up coming up with a new design that allows the Emperor to wear his cape without remotely damaging it.  Shown here in this short video:

As you can see in the video, this design uses a hinged backrest for the chair, so the cape easily sits between the backrest and the chair body without suffering, curling, or folding.  The cape sticks out some on the sides but in a much safer manner.

Compare this design to some designs that come in actual Lego Sets:

Lego Emperor Chair Designs
You can see in at least two Lego sets including the most recent Death Star Final Duel 75093 that the chair requires the cape to be either folded, curled, or bunched in order for the Emperor to sit in it.   Continue reading →

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If Lego figs came to Life

If Lego figs came to Life

Its about time someone figured out how to make a Lego Person come to life.  The slick Hollywood effects crew from Tested, namely Frank Ippolito, came up with this amazingly intriguing costume for ComicCon 2016.

Its a very alien look with what resembles a fish out water expression for the minifigure that suddenly become a flesh covered mass.  The mask is stated to be 14lbs of silicon, painted, and presumably uncomfortable and balmy for the wearer.

They also put together some flesh looking silicon gloves in the classic “C” clip shape of Lego Minifigures.  Having one huge fingernail on each side is a brilliant detail.

Lego human hands

The effort was spent on the mask and hands so no triangle shaped body for this go round.  Frank takes his costume on tour at ComicCon attempting to elicit some reaction and I think he is equally met with fondness, and creaped out skeptics.

An amazing mask and gloves that this Lego fan would buy up if they ever went into mass production.

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Where does Pokemon Go Candy come from?

Where does Pokemon Go Candy come from?

Pokemon Go Candy Factory

With the millions upon millions of repeat and low level Pokemon being “Transferred” to Professor Willow, he must have a mighty nice wildlife refuge to care for them all.  And its so nice of him to put them all in the refuge AND give us a custom flavored “Candy.”   Either that or he should rename his candy Soylent Pokey.

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