The Rolling Lego BB-8


This little Lego BB-8 is attempting to become a reality. Much like the Lego Dr. Who set, this Lego BB-8 is starting off as a grassroots movement on the Lego Idea submission system known as Lego ideas. If the little idea with big heart makes it to 10K supporters, Lego vows that they will review it for product potential. If you are hoping to get your hands on one then vote today at: Lego Ideas! This project has blown up with over 6000 supporters in about two weeks, but still has plenty more ground to cover so offer your support today!

Some Assembly Required
What sets this little Lego Droid apart from a crowded field of competitors is its ability to actually move. Where most designs are static models, this guy comes with a trick up his sleeve: the ability to roll while keeping its head up on top. The design is simple and some hail genius: just a few weights and magnets tucked inside a hollow Lego Sphere and the head will skate on top of the body. The designers mjsmiley and artbot138 indicate hopes that their Lego idea “satisfies a midpoint between static model and full on electric RC.” They are obviously not attempting to take on the famed Sphero BB-8, but rather settle into a currently untapped market of non-electric dynamics. The designers also state that the proposed Droid is made out of 100% genuine Lego parts. The prototype’s shells were noticeably painted to bring the iconic BB-8 look to life. Mjsmiley and Artbot138 state: “if this model is approved and created by Lego, the parts would come printed as so many Lego parts are.”

See BB-8 in Action!

The youtube video and project page also point out that this Lego BB-8 would come with a desert themed base station to display the droid as well as demonstrate its ability to roll while keeping its head up. Additionally, the Lego set is proposed to come with attachable arms to recreate moments in the movie such as when BB-8 zaps Finn, or tosses a flaming thumbs up while aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Support Lego BB-8 Today!

Click here to check it out and support BB-8’s Big Lego Dreams!
-There is no certainty this little droid will make it to the store shelves, so gaining your support is its only Hope!

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