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For most of the Lego Collectible Minifigure Series, I’ve been able to select a few must have figures from each series and leave the others in the store.  It was a nice way to get my hands on the gems and not spend all my money.  For a normal series of 16 figures, 4$ each adds up to the unfortunate total price of 64$.  Now for the Disney series, you are at extra risk since there are 18 figures in the series which ends up being 72$.  Now here is the tricky part, attempt to not want them all.  Lets review each figure:

  • Those that come in pairs:
    • Mickey and Minnie 
      Source: Wikipedia

      Source: Wikipedia

      – these two came out pretty good.  The bodies seem flat when you consider how bulbous the heads are.  I really like Minnie’s skirt piece but have learned that since it is rigid, you can’t squeeze here into as many places.  The skirt also prevents a minifigure that is wearing it from sitting down.  So Minnie is forced to stand.  Where Minnie comes complete with a bow and skirt, Mickey has zero add on or accessories.  He could have at least come with a paint brush maybe?  Finally, some figures in this series came with tails such as the ducks and the cat…but not these mice.  And being that the mice are pivotal characters, I would have thought they could have done a nice thin rubber tail insert….missed opportunity for greatness.

  • Donald Duck and Daisy Duckwp-1463060424132.jpegwp-1463060430368.jpegthese two are awesome.  They come with a great little accessory body part: a duck bum.  This is a little rubber piece that goes between the legs and torso and adds a little caboose to the ducks.  When I was feeling around the blind bags, I didn’t know about this part so it kept throwing me off.  Another great discovery was the fact that Donald’s hat is a separate part.  Neither figure comes with a hand held accessory.
  • Ariel and Ursula – Holy heap Ursula’s lower body part is cool.  The tentacles, chest, plump belly and cheeky rear are a single molded piece that the torso drops into.  Ariel has the normal mermaid body with painted tail tips (nice).  Her head looks a little square being a normal fig head.   When you compare here to the “Friend’s” style Ariel, she is bit bulkier and more square, but man does she have some fantastic red hair.
  • Aladdin and Genie – Genie uses the bottom piece from several genies before him.  His bald cap with ears creates a seam on his brow that I find distracting but it integrates the ears and top feather thing in.  Aladdin and Genie both come with lamps which then makes you wish that Aladdin instead came with his monkey friend instead.
  • Mr. Incredible and Syndrome – I think these two are probably the most heavily skipped of the bunch.  Mr. Incredible is a rather robust fellow in the movie, but in fig form, he comes off as being a lot smaller than Syndrome.  Both come with square plate accessories which as usual feels like a cop out.  Syndrome used some neat tech in the movie, maybe he could have had a gadget.  Mr. Incredible, I don’t know, maybe some weights or something??
  • Peter Pan and Captain Hook – Boom, Hook’s got a hat!  His hat/hair/feather piece is an all in one.  His stache is poifect, and his hook hand is as it should be.  Pan is a fine fig, not much to write home about.  He comes with two daggers which seems odd and stabby for a character that I think mostly did some light fencing.  Obviously a Tinkerbell microfig animal would have been a bagillion times better and made Pan a got to have fig.
  • Alice and Cheshire Cat – Alice comes fully loaded with a skirt, bottle, and some sort of pill or cookie.  Her hair piece is lush and smooth for a plastic wig.  The cat is pretty simple with no accessories other than its tail, which is made of rubber.  I think they are both good representations and the cat’s color definitely rounds out the palate of the bunch.
  • Buzz Lightyear and Alien – Hmmmmm, these two are pretty much Lego repeats from the Toystory line with only minor changes.  The buzz head is a minifig head rather than a custom mold like it used to be.  Weird decision if you ask me; they have custom mold heads in this series, so its not that using Buzz’s old head would have meant being unfaithful to the minifig line.  I personally like the custom head better.  So to reuse the figure seems a bit unnecessary..until you see how the Alien is pretty much unchanged and recycled completely.  Nothing special about this version.  Nicer printing doesn’t make up for the complete lack of originality.  He could have at least come with a pizza disk.  I think if they wanted toy story represented, they should have come up with some unique figures or more notable updates, otherwise, just explore any number of the countless other good Disney characters instead.  As it is, since normal Minifig series come with 16 and this set comes with 18, it feels like these two were thrown in since they already had all the molds.
  • Those that came as singles:
    • Maleficent – The bell of the ball!  Malefi’s top head horn rubber piece is the coolest hat anyone has ever worn ever, and it looks good in Lego.  She has her glorious wickedness about her, two cape pieces, hat, staff (3 parts) which makes her the most accessorized fig in the bunch.  She does use the sloped 2x2x2 sloped brick as a skirt which has always bothered me because the studs are not as tall as the pegs on normal fig pants.  I wish they had a custom dress skirt piece that had longer pegs so the body would stay attached better…as it is, any time you play with her, she falls apart at the waste.
    • Stitch – I’ll admit it, I don’t think I saw this movie all the way through, but Stitch looks great here.  Sort of dead in the eyes, and only 3 parts with no accessory, but it looks pretty nice.


You’ll notice half the figures have minifigure heads, and the other half have custom molded heads.  This creates a weird disparity between the scales amongst the set since the molded heads are huge compared to the normal fig heads.  It just sort of looks odd when viewed as a hole, but each figure on its own looks quite nice.

One thing to hail is the double molded parts.  Some figures have custom mold heads and what is even better, is that the different colors are not always due to paint.  In the case of the Cheshire Cat, the Mice and Ducks for example, there are two distinct colors of plastic molded together to form one solid cohesive head.  The two colors of plastic create very sharp colors and lines…its quite satisfying and indicates that Lego is getting better at its game.

Will there be a second Series of Disney Figs?  I would bet yes.  My predictions of what would be included:

  • Mickey will be repeated in his Fantasia sorcerer costume
  • Goofy
  • Chip N Dale as short legged figs
  • Jaffar and his snake staff or Iago

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