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Collectable Minifigure Series 16 has had a good deal of buzz and what can be gleaned from the few available photos, its all for good reason. First off, the costume character count in most series is normally 1, where this set has arguably 3 costumed characters.  The star of the show is usually whatever costume is most garish and here we have the delightful banana suite guy.

  • Banana Suit Guy –   A Lego Banana suit at this point is nearly obligatory.  In fact, many Lego fans including one of my friends has attempted to make some custom banana suits for their figs.  And after the HotDog suit came out, it was all just a matter of time.
  • Penguin Suit – The second costume figure which graciously can be added to the previous Animal Costumes list will help anyone’s Zoo display or Animal parade.

  • Imp – May not be considered a costume character by many but a red cartoon devil with wings and a treat pumpkin is pretty costumy to me.  Obviously he could have fit in well with the Halloween series.
  • Ice Queen – She’s a keeper…Can’t see here completely but her crown looks nice.  Frozen inspired?
  • Babysitter – Coming with the Baby Minifigure, this girl is going to be sought out in mass quantities.
  • Wildlife Photographer – Not pictured on bag.  I’m guessing she’ll come with an animal and be bought just for the critter.
  • Cyborg – Anyone that knows me knows I am not a fan of worn out cyborg figs.  Oish, filler in my opinion.
  • Spy – Not pictured on bag
  • Hiker – Not pictured on bag
  • Rogue – Green hood? Cloak and dagger?  Eh, not for me as of now.
  • Arabian Knight – ??
  • Serenader – Hat, Mustache, Acoustic Guitar…boom, he’ll be on the accessory gotta have list.  Get three to make a Three Amigos parody…I’m sure someone will beat me to the internet with that photo.
  • Spooky Boy – ??
  • Scalawag – Hard to tell the difference between pirate and scalawag, maybe hes not pictured on the bag.
  • Pirate – Nice bald cap.  Sort of a round two draft pick.
  • Dog Show Judge – Not pictured on bag
  • Female Kickboxer – Not pictured on bag

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