What you see – vs – what the Baby sees

We all know babies don’t exactly see the world the same way we do.  And there are certainly hundreds more differences between their unique viewpoint of the world and our own, but here are at least the first five.

003-01 YouSeeTheySee 003-02 YouSeeTheySee 003-03 YouSeeTheySee 003-04 YouSeeTheySee 003-05 YouSeeTheySee

I’ve seen all these behaviors from our baby, and if I draw up a few others, I’ll post them.  If you think of more I should add, let me know in the comments or something.

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Toss it around a little:


  1. A few others could be Dirt-Gourmet Meal, Slightly out of view-Invisibility cloak, Milk-Sweet Elixir of the Gods, Vegetable-Dirt, Floor-Trash bin, Gravity-Game… My favorite of the first 5 is the Pillow Gnawing Zombie.

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