Lego man helps a poor Sap

A friendly Lego guy jumps secretly into action to help out a poor sap who has misplaced his keys.

I had a Saturday free once and decided I would try making a stop motion animated Lego video.  My plan was to mix live action and stop motion.  This is the second time I’ve tried this, but the first time in the era of digital cameras.  Using my digital camera really sped up the work on this little project.  A major take away from doing this little short was next time, I’ll film stop motion at night using artificial light so that the sun and clouds do not interfere with the lighting for ever frame.  Some thing you might not figure out by watching is how I got the car to do jumps.  I actually rigged up a pole over head and used fishing line to dangle the car.  It would turn a little, so I would sit poised at the camera until the moment the car was facing the exact direction I wanted.

Another little detail was how I filmed this alone when my wife was out of town.  When she came home, I had her go upstairs, and filmed her lines using the camera down stairs to get the audio to sound right.

I know the whole video is a little rough, but I think it came out fairly well.

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