Some Stranger Creatures Hatching

Octopus – Something about an intelligent, eight tentacled, cephalopods in blimpy eggs ends up making perfect sense.  The delightful little babies emerging with incredibly dainty looking features is rather joyous, but I hear a lot of mother Octopi will starve to death guarding their eggs.  Hopefully she got a tear jerking glimpse of her babies.

Duck Billed Platypus
– one of the worlds strangest creatures and having have seen one at the zoo in Austrailia, they are energetic water puppies.   An oddball of the animal kingdom being a mammal that lays eggs, and comes complete with a mini beaver tail and duck bill.

Chameleon – One of the neatest types of lizards out there with their curly-Q tails, gripper claw hands, super shooting tongues, independent google eyes, and color changing skin.  As a fan of lizards, one other perk of these guys is how incredibly slow they move: meaning if you do have one as a pet, it is not likely to dart off in the blink of an eye and vanish in your house.

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