Great little Lego Seasonal’s seem to have dried up


The mini holiday sets that were pretty much only found at Lego’s stores and website were some of the cuter and easier to afford seasonal sets to be produced.  Once hooked, I was pretty much expecting these to continue on and fill in the holiday gaps, but they have missed quite a few holidays which gives me the fear that the line is done.

So far Lego has covered these Holidays in the last few years:

  • Valentines Day – 40120 “Valentine’s Day Dinner”
  • Easter – 40121 “Painting Easter Eggs”
  • Halloween – 40122 “Trick or Treat”
  • Thanksgiving – 40123 “Thanksgiving Feast”
  • Christmas – 40125 “Santa’s Visit”
  • Winter – 40124 “Winter Fun” – sort of generic but it fits with this group
  • Christmas – 40106 “Toy Workshop” from 2014

Since holidays are often regional, it might be expected that Lego would focus on more universal holidays, but each of these are fairly targeted toward the North American already, particularly Thanksgiving.

Top picks for more holidays::

  • St. Patrick’s day – Lego already has a leprechaun figure.
  • New Years – maybe some sort of mirrored ball party setting.
  • Independence day – could be recolored for other countries.

In 2016, Lego seems to have opted towards little animal builds for the holidays, a wedding item, and a resell of the Chicken fig in a cardboard box.

Lego Holiday Critters

These just don’t have the same charm as the little vignettes.  I’m sure if you got hooked on the animal builds, you’d be happy to grow a collection, but these don’t exactly take over where the Holiday vignettes left off.

What holiday sets would you like Lego to add?

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