Lego Ideas Yellow Submarine and Saturn V are Chosen


The Lego Ideas team has finally announced the winners of the 3rd 2015 Review period.  As with a previous time, they’ve selected 2 sets.  The lucky winners are the Beatles Yellow Submarine, and the Apollo Saturn V rocket.

Lego’s Blog Posting

If past history can be used as an example, these sets could take more than a year to reach the shelves, so getting your hopes up for a quick release is unlikely to pay off.

So how did our voters do in predicting the winners? – Out of 70 votes, the highest voted sets were indeed the Yellow Submarine and the Apollo Saturn V.  So, congratulations to those who voted over at our little poll.  It does seem we got the order wrong if Lego announcing the Yellow Submarine first meant anything.


A smidge about the winners:

The Saturn V is an enormously tall set.  The listed images indicate it will be 111 cm or about 3.6ft tall!  Is this a new record for Lego in terms of a retail set’s height?  I’m guessing Lego will work to ensure structural integrity so the whole thing doesn’t bisect itself when tilted ever so slightly.  The initial estimates by the designer is 1179 peices.  That means this set is going to be at least 100$ which will be a record for Lego Ideas.  The Lego design team could try to reduce the part count to get the price down, but its unlikely to come down that much.

The Yellow Submarine is initially estimated at 409 peices which will likely mean it will be listed as a 60$ set when it comes out.  Ideally though, it would be $40.  Of the two sets this one is going to be much more affordable and easier to display due to its reasonable size.  And since the Beatles are insanely popular the world over, I’m guessing this pup will do well, especially for having the minifigures.



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