Lego Adventure Time: Ideas vs Dimensions

So what changes did Lego make to the Adventure Time Ideas set they recently approved?  And whats the impact going to be on the Ideas set when the Dimensions sets are going to be released first??

Lego had recently accepted 2 new Ideas sets during their second 2015 review, one was the Brick Built Adventure Time figures.  This was announced March 11th, 2016.  At the time, the fan submitted model was 16 characters and 772 bricks and looked like this:
Lego Adventure Times Ideas
Only 3 months later, Lego has revealed their version to be released around January 1st 2017.  They have reduced the proposed set down to 8 figures and are down to 495 bricks putting it at a 50$ expected release price.
Lego Adventure Time Brick Ideas

So, what are the notable differences?

 -Here is a side by side comparison with the layout adjusted so the original more closely matches the official Lego version.  The extra figures from the original Ideas set have been removed.
Lego Adventure Time ComparisonOf course there is the obvious reduction in characters; lets check out whats different from each character that made it through.

  • Finn – Lego changed the face, went to the shorter disks for the ears of Finn’s hood, put the ball joints as black and gray rather than blue and tan (boo), and seems to have reorganized some of the midsection bricks.
  • Jake – A pretty good make over on the face with a printed disk, but his arms are no longer going to be on ball joints so they are shorter, less articulated, and if they are just tiles on a single stud, they are likely to pop off a lot.
  • Princess Bubblegum – Crown adornment is a little nicer on the new one but the black and gray ball joint shoulders is the same coloring step down we see on Finn.
  • Lady Rainicorn – She received the biggest make over of the bunch.  I’m sure the ideas designer was excited to see these changes.  Her hair is now an assortment of tan tail pieces original from Rainbow Kitty.  Her legs are now hinged and recolored.  And her snout appears to have some angle pieces rather than being flat in the front.
  • Marceline – The same ball joint recolor let down and the guitar body has a few cosmetic differences.
  • BMO – The arms have become hotdogs.
  • Gunter – They seem to have changed the type of hinge the feet are made of.  Even though I prefer the originals hinge feet, its likely that they are of a discontinued hinge style.  Also, the flippers are now Nexo Knight shields.
  • Ice King – The face has gone from distressed to angry.  The arms are recolored and the crown is retooled (better).
  • Ball Joint point: Lego likes to minimize the part types and color variations in each set.  Since the proposed set required 5 color variations of the same part I can understand the thinking behind converting all of those to black and gray…just don’t prefer it.

Most the changes seem to be for the better other than some coloring of the ball joints.

Is it a must buy?  Is a brick built figure set with minimal articulation worth 50$ though?  To me…no.  I will be passing on this set but its more heavily due to the fact that Lego has already announced actual Adventure Time minifigs which will be far more collectible.  The dimensions sets are expected on Amazon on September 27th, 2016 (far before the Ideas set’s release).  It is certainly going to poach the Ideas’ sets audience.  Not that the Dimensions’ sets don’t have their own shortcomings.  First, Jake’s head should have included a belly much like the Ewoks to give him a more iconic look.  Second, 2 Dimensions sets at retail for a total of 55$ but after typical sales will be down to a combined 37$ will still only get you 3 characters.  They do grant you some play ability as minifigs and as the game characters though.

For an ideas set going from approved in March, to Revealed in July, to Launched in January, it seems like a near speed record for Lego.  Probably due to how the set was pretty much ready to go in terms of design and simplicity.  But seeing that they are going to rush the Dimensions out the door ahead of the Ideas set, I foresee the Ideas set suffering in sales.

One more note: The ideas designer gets 1% of the sales from the first run of his set, not the subsequent Adventure Time sets (dimensions).  If I was that designer, I’d be slightly bummed about Lego’s Dimensions blitz…at least they get a lot of bragging rights for bringing a franchise to Lego.

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