If Lego figs came to Life

Its about time someone figured out how to make a Lego Person come to life.  The slick Hollywood effects crew from Tested, namely Frank Ippolito, came up with this amazingly intriguing costume for ComicCon 2016.

Its a very alien look with what resembles a fish out water expression for the minifigure that suddenly become a flesh covered mass.  The mask is stated to be 14lbs of silicon, painted, and presumably uncomfortable and balmy for the wearer.

They also put together some flesh looking silicon gloves in the classic “C” clip shape of Lego Minifigures.  Having one huge fingernail on each side is a brilliant detail.

Lego human hands

The effort was spent on the mask and hands so no triangle shaped body for this go round.  Frank takes his costume on tour at ComicCon attempting to elicit some reaction and I think he is equally met with fondness, and creaped out skeptics.

An amazing mask and gloves that this Lego fan would buy up if they ever went into mass production.

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