Building a Chair for Lego Emperor Palpatine that Doesn’t hurt his Cape

I wanted to display my Lego Emperor Palpatine in a mini throne room setting in his iconic chair.  I went to see how Lego designed the chair in their sets but thought it would bend his cape, or require taking him out of his cape.  I ended up coming up with a new design that allows the Emperor to wear his cape without remotely damaging it.  Shown here in this short video:

As you can see in the video, this design uses a hinged backrest for the chair, so the cape easily sits between the backrest and the chair body without suffering, curling, or folding.  The cape sticks out some on the sides but in a much safer manner.

Compare this design to some designs that come in actual Lego Sets:

Lego Emperor Chair Designs
You can see in at least two Lego sets including the most recent Death Star Final Duel 75093 that the chair requires the cape to be either folded, curled, or bunched in order for the Emperor to sit in it.  

Where as once again, you can get a similar look to the Emperor’s chair without harming his cape at all with the hinged backrest design.

Lego Emperor Chair

If you liked this design and opted to use it in your displays, let me know…just for fun.

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