Lego free Darth Revan and Ultimate Lavaria

I am not normally fortunate enough to get my hands on free Legos, so I was very much anticipating the Free Darth Revan that was to be provided for any Star Wars Lego purchase online or in Lego stores on September 30th, 2016.  Also at this point in time, Lego is giving out a free Ultimate Lavaria with every $50 purchase.  So if you play your cards right you could get both items free.

EXCEPT: Even by early this morning, Lego online was sold out of the Darth Revan sets.  I called the customer support number and they said the Revans were handed out before the sun came up since they started the promotion at Midnight.  People apparently bought low price Star Wars sets, enjoyed the current free shipping, and nabbed a free Revan.  I called my local Lego store and they said they had quite a few left, so I hopped on down and grabbed mine.  If you live near a Lego store, call yours up and keep your fingers crossed.  It seems there is no minimum purchase to get Revan, but it has to be a Star Wars branded set.  I grabbed the new Advent Calendar, but I hear you can get much cheaper sets, maybe even the Keychains????

darthrevan lavaria

Why is this Darth Revan of interest?

Well, it has only been available in these official giveaways in this little promo polybag.  This means, he is considered rare/collectible.  Once a figure gets that status, the poachers and scalpers come out and you can find their presence notably on Ebay and Bricklink….in other words, he is expensive to buy second hand.  For instance, of US Sellers on bricklink, this figure runs typically at $55 with the occasional lower price entry surfacing here and there.  With this new give out of the figure, he is likely to drop in price, but the Lego scalper community is unlikely to adjust promptly.

On Ebay, you have a second issue to look out for: Chinese replicas.  If you see a Darth Revan on ebay for a low price, read it carefully, there are an abundant of knock off Revan’s on ebay.


Cheapest Darth Revans from US Bricklink Sellers

From the September 30th promotion: (Sold out online)

Revan Lego Deal

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