Lego Ideas – Speculations on why the Old Fishing Store Won

In this particular Lego Ideas review we have 9 projects that ranged from prehistoric to a galaxy far far away.  Today Lego announced the winner on their Ideas Blog.  The lucky winner is: The Old Fishing Store!

The poll results we hosted a while back with 435 votes predicted the winner to be the Fossil Museum with Johnny 5 in second place…so we as a whole were wrong.

Lego Ideas 2016 Results

Lego posted their announcement on their blog.  As usual, they do not give specifics about why a contender was knocked out, or what brought them to their conclusion, but I will dare to speculate why the Fishing store beat out the other options.  First, it may be a process of elimination; so why might the other contenders have been knocked out:

  • Fossil Museum – Possibly because they already did an ideas set with a dinosaur bones component.
  • Gingerbread House – Its big and they have a gingerbread house set already.
  • BB-8 – If the magnets (swallowing hazard) didn’t kill this, the likelihood that Lego was producing their own BB-8 set did.  This set by the way, was my submission, may it rest in “piece”.
  • Jedi Council – Large and goes against Lego’s money making tactic of doleing out the good figs over multiple sets.
  • Jurassic Park Visitor Center – Its big, so many of the people that voted for it, are unlikely to buy it.
  • Train Station – Same as the JP center, except this one can at least link to the current modular city sets.
  • Particle Accelerator – I’m guessing that even though it had a cool video, not a lot of people will storm the stores to buy this.
  • Johnny 5 – This guy looks great, they must have decided that this movie wasn’t popular enough to bring on a lot of sales.  It couldn’t have been a licensing thing since the owners of it were probably aching to get some more revenue.

Its highly likely that not all of the contenders were knocked out at first leaving just the fishing store, so what made it rise up against the others?

For starters:

  • Its pretty, its definitely a great looking fishing shop.  Nice colors, quaintly nautical.
  • They say it has fun play features in the video…maybe it means there are places you can pose a fig.
  • No external IP – That’s the big one I think.  Lego won’t have to make any deals with other companies or share the profits.  Ideas is also trying to push the notion of more original content and less IP driven material.
  • Also, Denmark is on the Baltic so they are likely more sea-centric.


Will I be buying it?  Probably not.  Its big, so it will be too pricey for me.  Not that I wouldn’t want it, its just unlikely to be something I’m going to carve out the scratch for.   I don’t expect a lot of kids wanting this either…I mean, kids may ask for it but probably mostly get turned down by their parents.  Its going to appeal to the older crowd and people with shelf space.  Have a nautical themed bathroom? – Maybe this is the set for you.

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