What Lego Microfighters do you want to see next?

The Lego Microfighters Star Wars series 1 through 3 are amongst my favorite Lego sets.  They are compact (almost pocket friendly), they draw close resemblance to the craft they are emulating, and they are a great way to get a Star Wars craft even if you can’t buy the larger models.

There are so many great Ships already made in the first few Series including the Millenium Falcon, 2 Types of X-Wings, and 2 of the Variants of the Tie Fighter.  Plenty of other ships have not yet been represented, even important iconic ships like Slave 1 or the Imperial Shuttle.

What Star Wars ships would you hope will be made in the next series???  (The Survey images feature various Fan creations of Micro Fighter style ships)

Other ships to consider for the future are: Gungan Sub, ETA-2 Jedi Starfighter, B-Wing, Sail Barge, Speeder Bike, Rey’s Speeder, and Vader’s Tie.  There are of course hundreds of other ships that have appeared in the 7 current movies, and with Rogue 1 and future “Story” movies coming, I’m sure Lego will want to feature some new movie ships in subsequent microfighter series.

How about the ajoining Minifigures?

Lego tends to not couple their microfighters with primary Star Wars characters but hopefully that trend will fade with some of these desirable ships and we’ll get some first choice minifigs.  Such as Boba in Slave 1, a Jawa with the Sand Crawler, Obiwan in the Land Speeder, and the Emperor in his shuttle or maybe even the Death Star.

My top pics?

  • Slave 1
  • Imperial Shuttle
  • Land Speeder
  • Sand Crawler
  • Y-Wing
  • Kylo’s Shuttle
  • Darth Maul’s Infiltrator

Some may never be made into production Micro Fighter Series ships, but hopefully we’ll get some real iconic ones in the next batch!

Already Released Microfighters:

Series 1: Turbo tank, AAT, Millenium Falcon, Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Star Destroyer


Series 2: Homing Spider, Gunship, AT-AT, Snow Speeder, Vulture Droid, StarFightermf-series2

Series 3: Resistance X-Wing, FO Snowspeeder, Ghost, Tie Advance Prototype -No Inquisitor 🙁 , Wookie Gunship, AT-DP.


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