Lego Ideas 2017 Group 2 – All ideas Rejected

Sad news for those 6 people waiting to see if their 10000 vote achieving Lego Ideas projects were going to be selected by Lego to become a retail set.  Unfortunately, all 6 ideas were rejected.

Lego keeps their reasoning a mystery but repeated some points in their announcement which may give some insight.

  • The Gilmore Girl’s diner looked cool but perhaps they could not get the branding rights….not exactly a lot of merch out there for Gilmore Girls.  When I see TV show sets, I can’t help but think the designer is hoping the Big Bang Theory set’s success will be universal.  Big Bang was on air and enormously popular at the time of the submission.  Gilmore girls conked out in 2007, so it probably doesn’t have as much “Mind Share” as current TV shows.
  • The Wonders of Peru is an intricate display board.  I can’t image there is a large market of people on a world-wide scale willing to dole out more than a hundred bucks for a PERU specific display.  I’m sure the good people of Peru are on board.  There is also a chance this project was not structurally sound.  The submission was a 3D rendering, so its hard to say if real Legos could hold up at that enormous box’s scale.  If they made smaller displays, for a dozen countries, then I could see myself and my collector spirit getting on board.
  • NF-15B Research Aircraft is a neat model, but dang, it was 3 feet long and 5000 parts.  That would be an estimated 500$ Lego set.  People voted for it, but that doesn’t mean they would be willing to buy it.
  • I am your father is a nice representation of the apex moment of the series.  I think Lego may have not selected this because the Ideas team has vowed that they will only allow submissions of themes that they have not selected yet.  This means, if they chose this Star Wars themed proposal, they would have to stop accepting future Star Wars ideas…and they have to decide if this is the set to end it all.  Next, if they do a set like Cloud City, which is possibly in the works, this sort of scene, in a smaller scale, is likely included.  If that’s the case, they won’t select an idea that would compete with their own set.

  • This Shuttle was possibly hoping to get in on the Saturn V bandwagon and did ride that all the way to 10K.  I think the issue here is that Lego comes out with variations of the Nasa Shuttle every other year or so.  This set is superior in detail, but it would be competition for their own shuttles.  Heck, they even have a Batman themed shuttle now.
  • Launch Tower – I think there is a chance that this set was not selected because it would not sell at all to anyone without the Saturn V set.  This means, Lego would be cutting their market down to just those people.  Next possible reason is that this set was only ever shown in 3D rendered bricks.  We once again can’t tell if its remotely structurally sound.  It needs to be stable enough to hold a 3 foot rocket and its own towering height.

Just friendly speculation.  Lego won’t let us know their true reasons, but there is a chance that these are in the ballpark.

Up next is the 3rd group for 2017.

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Spot on assessments. I can’t understand how Gilmore Girls even made it to 10k…where is Dawson and his Creek?!

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