Lego Ideas 2017 Group 3 – Predictions and Ramblings

The 3rd group of 2017 Lego Ideas to hit 10K is up for review.  Lego will take some time to discern if one of these will be a new set.  One thing going on with this set is some repeat builders.  Two of the past Lego Ideas Set designers are once again represented.

Pop-Up Book:  This set was submitted by the same builder as the Lego maze Ideas Set.  I’m not sure if being a repeat builder has any impact on Lego’s decision.  We haven’t seen a repeat submitter win yet, so no one knows yet.  The nice thing with this set, is that it does something and is not just a static model.  It has a clever folding feature and claims you can build variations to theme it how you wish.  Ideally, you could fold up a bunch of pieces in the book and build in the car with your own platform.  I think this one has a higher chance of going through than some of the other submissions.

Three Nautical Sets: All three of these were submitted by the same person and its the same builder that submitted and one with the Old Fishing Store.  These are digital builds which bums me out, but oh well.  Since they already made the old fishing store, and now have 3 more to chose from, the question is which if any would they want to sidle next to the Fishing Store.  Personally, Dive Shop is the least compelling.  The Lighthouse is the most universal, and the Diner with Boat segment is the most interesting.  One of the biggest factors here is how well did the Fishing store do in sales.  These are pretty, but will once again be expensive.  How many people will be putting their money where their vote is?  I’d guess non of these will be selected, but the lighthouse is the most desirable.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race Set: This is a TV show set and those have not been doing well in Ideas lately.  It is fun that the set features a diverse cast but I think Lego is unlikely to put this set through.  Lego does not like to get involved in remotely complicated subjects and Drag could be seen by some as a bit touchy.

The Christmas Story House: This looks like a pretty basic house from the outside but is quite nice designed.  I like the interior details and attempt at making the leg lamp and Fragile box.  Where doing the Nautical shops would be a bit of a repeat, this would be a completely new entry to the Lego Catalog.  I think its chances are low though because of the basic look and the fact that the IP is seasonal rather than a year round interest.

Jaguar Roadster: I’ve been wrong about Lego Ideas pushing a car through in the past.  I don’t find cars of particular interest so I’m biased here.  I don’t think this will go through because its an elitst car, it doesn’t have any sort of fun theme or IP behind it, and is pretty much just a model.  Ideas has done the Caterham recently so this car’s fate may be based off of that past car’s sales.

To Sum up:

There is some good stuff here, and Lego rejected all ideas from 2017 group 2, so they may be more generous for this 3rd group to make up for it.  They have done 2 sets at a time in the past and seemed to hint at that option during their Group 2 anouncement video.  The Top runners I think are the Pop up book, Lighthouse, and maybe Roadster.

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