Coin Operated Rocket Ride in Lego

Lego is looking to have the community pitch potential Free with Purchase sets.  They are running the contest on their Lego Ideas Site.  Unlike the Regular Ideas system that requires 10000 votes in under 2 years, these smaller contests have a limited time to enter and only 10 days of Voting (Feb 9-19, 2018).

I’ve submitted this little retro style Coin Operated Rocket Ride.  This is based off of similar looking rides that used to be in front of stores and in malls.  These days, there are not as many out an about but they can still be found.

The Model is pretty simple and uses about 115 pieces.  You can turn the crank in the back to make the Rocket swing up and down and back and forth.  The motion is a little more extreme than the real life rides, but if you want to simulate reality, you can just rock the crank back and forth.

I’ve rigged up the seating area with a normal Minifig Chair, and the Mini-Dolls “Tbar”.  This means both Minifigs with short and bending legs can sit in the ride, along with the Lego Friends style Mini-Dolls.




There is a little slot where you can drop in a Lego coin and retrieve them by simply opening the hinged hatch.


Voting is for a limited time and goes from February 9th to 19th of 2018.

Follow this link to go to the Coin Operated Rocket Rides’s contest page.

There are some pretty good ideas already posted and Lego intends to review the top 25 voted submissions.  They will pick 1 winner and 10 runners up.  After this is all said and done, the only way to get the exclusive set that results from this competition is to wait for them to sprinkle it in as a promotion for making a purchase.

Fingers Crossed!


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