MeI’m unclear on why I have a website:

But since I do, here is what I am aiming for here:

Web Comics:

  • Farquar – this sight will become the new home of my old comic strip known as Farquar.  This strip was hand drawn, inked, scanned, and cleaned up and printed in the North Carolina State University newspaper known as the Technician.  I did most of this during my Junior and Senior years.  Fun fact, each of these comics made it into the daily circulation of 40000 Newspapers.
  • Farquar and Banana – Just getting started here, but Farquar has taken a roommate Banana and we’ll go from there….
  • Various other drawings as things come out…


  • Aiming to cover some Lego news updates
  • Reviews
  • And possibly some goofy media

Various things of interest:

  • I’m a big fan of nifty tidbits, we’ll just have to see what comes to light.
Toss it around a little: