Farquar and Banana – 001 – the Cape

01-Banana Cap

The first Farquar and Banana comic.  This one is riddled with Backstory: At some point Banana used to wear a cape, and then stopped, and has obviously started wearing it again…all for unexplained reasons.  And despite their tension, Farquar and Banana still walk off into the sunset together…BESTIES

02-Banana Sunset


Toss it around a little:

Minifigure Series 16

Collectable Minifigure Series 16 has had a good deal of buzz and what can be gleaned from the few available photos, its all for good reason. First off, the costume character count in most series is normally 1, where this set has arguably 3 costumed characters.  The star of the show …

Is crawling style Hereditary?

The basic question: Is crawling style hereditary?  For instance, my wife crawled “Normal” and I used the seated scooching alternative style.  Our first born was nearing the crawling stage and we just assumed she would crawl “normal”.  But alas, our daughter crawls with a seated scooch like her dear pop. …

BB-8 Gets noticed at Home

Beyond the 10000 supporters over at Lego Ideas, this little Lego Set hopeful has been spotted in a few fun places: BB-8 was invited to hang out at the local Lego Re-sale shop in Plano: Brick & Minifigs for a small celebrity apearance.  For the few hours BB8 was on …