The Lego Xenomorph Minifigure you can Make Yourself

The Lego Xenomorph Minifigure you can Make Yourself

An official Lego Xenomorph from the Alien movie franchise is never going to happen based purely on Lego’s content rules alone.  Because of this, you’ll find numerous attempts by Lego and Aliens fans to create custom Lego minifigs of the iconic alien creature.  Perhaps fueled by the intrigue of this taboo crossover, I myself became quite interested in possessing a convincing Xenomorph minifig.  With few choices available for purchase I ended up come up with a solution of my own (its likely others have thought of this too, just didn’t find them in searches) and will detail my steps here:

lego alien xenomorph Minifig


  • PROS: The main benefits of this option are: Price (its affordable), easy (anyone can do this / you don’t have to be an accomplished sculptor), pretty dang good looking (sure, there is a slight issue with scale).
  • CONS: It uses non-Lego parts (but no sculpting of clay at least), your result can become more non-Lego than Lego if you use the chest piece.


  • 1 Black Minifigure Torso and black Legs.  The hand color does not matter.
  • 1 Minimates Xenomorph Figure – I found mine at Toys R Us for $7.50, so much cheaper than online.  They had a bunch of styles and even a few colors.  I picked out the one with the extended inner mouth.

The HOW TO (Easy):

  1. Start with your parts, you’ve got your Lego minifigure body…mine here is all black because I don’t have any that look alien in nature.  You also have your Mini Mates Xenomorph that does, yes it does tower over the minifig.
    lego xenomorph parts
  2. Remove the hands from both figures, and pop the head off the Xenomorph.  It is a ball jointed head.  You can also remove the chest and “tube” section of the Xenomorph if you want to test that out too (it also will fit).
    lego xenomorph Parts
  3. Push the Xenomorphs hand pegs into the Legos hands.  At first they seem like they won’t fig, but the MiniMate is made out a rubbery plastic and they will conform.  Then, you can either push the head onto the Lego’s neck peg (also at first will seem like a tight fit, but it will go), or you can put the chest piece on and have the Xeno head stay with its original chest.
    lego xenomorph minifigurelego xenomorph chest plate 2
    Note: If you put the head onto the Lego next peg, it will stretch out the Xenomorph’s head’s neck socket and make it fit more loosely onto the original MiniMate’s body.
  4. Just to show the size comparison to a regular figure.  You can see the new Lego Minifig Xenomorph is not perfectly to scale by any means, but it does take on the classic look, and has a cartoonish large head that fits relatively well with legos.
    lego xenomorph joker
  5. And that’s it, hope this helps others out there in creating their own Xenomorph minifigs.
  6. Moving forward: I was looking at trying to mount real Lego parts to the figure without the MiniMates chest piece to create the tubes and tale. Getting the right neck bracket that looks good and doesn’t push everything off the body too far has been the road block.  I’ll update if I come up with something.  If anyone out there finds a solution to adding the tail and tubes with real Lego, let me know.

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