Disney: Collectible Minifigures Series – Review

Disney: Collectible Minifigures Series – Review


For most of the Lego Collectible Minifigure Series, I’ve been able to select a few must have figures from each series and leave the others in the store.  It was a nice way to get my hands on the gems and not spend all my money.  For a normal series of 16 figures, 4$ each adds up to the unfortunate total price of 64$.  Now for the Disney series, you are at extra risk since there are 18 figures in the series which ends up being 72$.  Now here is the tricky part, attempt to not want them all.  Lets review each figure:

  • Those that come in pairs:
    • Mickey and Minnie 
      Source: Wikipedia

      Source: Wikipedia

      – these two came out pretty good.  The bodies seem flat when you consider how bulbous the heads are.  I really like Minnie’s skirt piece but have learned that since it is rigid, you can’t squeeze here into as many places.  The skirt also prevents a minifigure that is wearing it from sitting down.  So Minnie is forced to stand.  Where Minnie comes complete with a bow and skirt, Mickey has zero add on or accessories.  He could have at least come with a paint brush maybe?  Finally, some figures in this series came with tails such as the ducks and the cat…but not these mice.  And being that the mice are pivotal characters, I would have thought they could have done a nice thin rubber tail insert….missed opportunity for greatness.

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