The must have Lego Handheld Arcade

Here is a nifty idea for a rebuildable handheld game pad up on Lego Ideas.  It is set up where the basic pad has hand grips and triggers for pinball style gameplay.  The set proposes 5 initial game modes and encourages the player to come up with new game ideas from their imagination.  The youtube video explains the features best:

The first 5 games already developed are: Skee Ball, Baseball, Space Pinball, Target Practice, and Soccer.

Lego Handheld Arcade Games Lego Handheld Arcade Games 2

Here is a photo showing two units linked together to make two player options available.  And the project proposes that it would come with an exclusive Green/Blue Jester, and introduce a Globe printed in natural Earth colors as apposed to the old map colors featured in previous sets.

Lego Handheld Arcade 2 player Lego Handheld Arcade figures

The idea is slowly gaining support over on Lego ideas and could certainly use some more.  So head over to the ideas site to hit the support button.

What other game modes can you think of for this Handheld Arcade? – Go ahead and post them in the comments.

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