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How to build a Lego Rolling BB-8

How to build a Lego Rolling BB-8

A while back my friend James “Artbot132” Garrett, and I entered into the Lego Ideas competition with a Rolling BB-8 model that could roll while keeping its head up on top. It quickly reached the needed 10000 Votes to go into Lego Review. Sadly, it was not selected by Lego to become the next production set. During the competition and continuing to this day, I have been getting requests for a tutorial on how to build one. So I finally put the parts list and tutorial together.

A demonstration of the Rolling BB-8: (Just in case you haven’t seen it)

Parts List: You can of course use any color of any of these pieces, but this list reflects the colors that I used for the most part. I had a lot of these parts to start, especially the old ones, but I tend to order used parts off of Bricklink. I have this parts list on Bricklink, but they do not have the “Wishlist” Share function working yet. Once it starts working, I’ll edit this page to include a link to the shared wish list.

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Video Tutorial: And here is the video that goes through the steps to build our version of the Lego Rolling BB-8! (Actually building starts around 3m10s)

I continue to be thrilled by the interest in this little Lego BB8 project and am sorry it took me this long to Shell out the list and tutorial. If any of you should get a prototype of this working, please send me a pic or comment somewhere.

Enjoy and take care!

Toss it around a little:
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