Lego Batman Movie Minifigure Series 17

The Lego Batman Movie Minifigure Series has been announced, which brings with it a mix bag of characters and reactions.  With so many bat figures, it has the look of a lot of re-colors…but Lego does manage to get a lot of unique variations of the famed Bat and brings along some goofballs to round things out.

First off, Lego has opted to nudge their character count from the usual 16, passing by the 18 we saw in the Disney series, and launched all the way to 20 Minifigures to collect the complete set.  What does this mean?  More variety, more options, more money.  To get the full set a fan will have to invoke the spirits of 20 x $4.00 = $80.  So many of us will have to pick and chose to stay on their desired side of the poverty line.

My Top Tier Figures: Chosen based on uniqueness above all, as well as for introducing new Lego Elements:

bat003 Vacation Batman Legobat005lobsterbat004fairybat017eraserbat013orca

  • Vacation Batman – Top of the line with a super unique duck floaty and goggles for his bat mask.  His swim suit looks concerning though.
  • Lobster Loving Batman – At this point its a matter of pattern recognition.  This single figure has received the most air time of all in the commercial and trailer campaign for this movie.  The Robe and Lobster are also quite usable for custom figure building.
  • Fairy Batman – Going with uniqueness here…makes it more fun and whimsical than most some of the other bat variants.
  • Eraser – Of the oddballs in this group, Eraser is a charmer.  I’d keep him in my pencil box at school if I was still that age.  The pointed pencil tip graphics on his toes is a nice touch, and the eraser head looks like a new piece that is likely to start showing up as detail work on future models.
  • Orca – Costume animals figures always do well.  This one is not so much costume since their is no face but rather the minifig head resembles the inside of an open mouth.
What are your top 5?

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