Farquar and Banana – 001 – the Cape

01-Banana Cap

The first Farquar and Banana comic.  This one is riddled with Backstory: At some point Banana used to wear a cape, and then stopped, and has obviously started wearing it again…all for unexplained reasons.  And despite their tension, Farquar and Banana still walk off into the sunset together…BESTIES

02-Banana Sunset


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Sans Witch – a punny origin story


Oish, thats a little rough, but the thought has occurred to me enough times that it was time to draw it.  The witch and guy on the right are of particular fondness for me.

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R2 shot First


Perhaps after hearing so much press about the new droid in town, lovelable wise guy R2-D2 proves he has a limit.  This little Lego scene also includes a few other characters of note including an aged Solo and what might be an offspring of Greedo.

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