Lego Collectible Minifigure Series 18 Revealed

Lego Collectible Minifigure Series 18 Revealed

This looks like it is going to be one of the funnest Series in the CMF line.  Series 18 features a costume party theme which is logically designed to come out along side Lego’s 60th anniversary – Party for everyone!  The majority of the figs are coming with unique costumes on.  The best part here is, there are a lot new molds, new parts, and new accessories.  Lets dive in!

The Brick Costumes:  My first hope here is that the studs on the front are genuine dimensions allowing us to use this figure as a building platform.  The opportunities are pretty vast if you can add little pieces to your character.  The rendering makes it hard to tell if this is a costume or a new torso piece: we’ll have to wait and see.  Either way, these are must haves.

Slide On Costumes:  These are completely new molds.  The cactus looks to have new arm pieces and no hands.  This new arm piece will be interesting to see if Lego can find a second use for  The firework is not the most original since we already had a Rocket costume.  I wonder how many people will paint the rocket to be a little tower for micro builds and such.  I hope the bottom can snap onto studs.

Shoulder and Waste mounted Costumes: This is a new idea for Lego CMF.  These are costumes that feature large waste or shoulder mounted components.  I’m obviously thrilled with them all.  I’d like to see the Flower pot paired off with the Venus Fly trap Costume from the Monsters CMF series.  The cake is a Delight and I’m sure the guy is going to be getting replaced by Women popping out of the cake everywhere.

Head Gear Centric Costumes:  The Largest group in the bunch.  The Unicorn Knight is pretty much just a blue version of the Unicorn we had in the past.  The Dragon is top notch and going to be a fan favorite.  This dragon is going to be terrorizing countless castles in the near future.  The Elephant and Spider are Definitely fun.  I get the feeling the Spider legs are attached with a neck mount which may make them more useful for other builds.  The cat…pretty much looks like a furry to me.

Pretty much not a costume and just a party goer:  Well, I’m going to be squeezing bags to avoid at least two of these.  But first, the keepers.  The clowns animal balloons are must haves.  I bet these show up in future Lego sets.  The Orange balloon kid has little single stud tiles that have prints of the first CMF series 1 which are nice.  The Cop and Purple balloon are where I’ll try to save money by skipping round 1.  I understand the cop is holding a tile that portrays a vintage Lego set that originally included this figure (Anniversary Celebration and all), but I have lots of him already.


So, series 18 has 17 figures as of now…sort of odd.  Also new is the Orange baseplate that they stand on…  The Batman Series 2 was the fist to deviate from the solid black plate.  Perhaps this orange plate means we’ll be getting different colors with each future series.

Either way, 15 maybe all 17 are must haves which is going to bring in the dumptrucks of coin for Lego and we’ll all hand over our money gladly.

Can’t wait to find them in stores!

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